Life Saver Instant Rebate

From January 1st through January 14th, 2018. Extended to January 31st.

Receive an Instant Rebate on all select Life Fitness equipment.  Here is the following rebates available:

$100 Rebate - C1 Upright Bike Go/Track+, C3 Upright Bike Go, RS1 Recumbent Bike Go, IC1, IC4, IC5, Row HX Rower, G2 & G3 Gym

$200 Rebate - F3 Treadmill Go/Track+, T3 Treadmill Go/Track+, T5 Treadmill Go, E1 Cross-Trainer Go/Track+, E3 Cross-Trainer Go/Track, FS4 CT Titanium/Dark Walnut, FS6 CT Titanium, C3 Upright Bike Track+, Club Series Upright Bike, PCSC Upright Explore, RS1 Recumbent Bike Track+, RS3 Recumbent Bike Go/Track+, IC6, IC7, IC8, Row GX, G2 w/ Leg Press, G3 w/Legpress, G4 & G7 Gym

$350 Rebate - T5 Treadmill Track+, Club Series Treadmill, FS6 CT Dark Walnut Finish, E5 Cross-Trainer Go/Track+, Club Series Cross-Trainer, PCS Cross-Trainer Explore, PCSC Upright Bike Discover SI, PCSC Upright Bike Discover SE3/SE3 HD, PCSR Recumbent Bike Explore & PCSR Recumbent Bike Discover SI, Club Series Recumbent Bike

$500 Rebate - PCST Treadmill Explore, PCST Treadmill Discover SI, PCST Treadmill Discover SE3/SE3 HD, PCS Cross-Trainer Discover SI, PCS Cross-Trainer Discover SE3/SE3 HD, Flexstrider Explore, Flexstrider Discover SI, Flexstrider Discover SE3 & PCSR Recumbent Bike Discover SE3/SE3 HD

NOTE: Higher savings are available on selected floor models....see store for availability.



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